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What time is it Mr. Wolf??



It’s about time to get yourself a brand new Baby G or G-Shock watch my friends! 

Ok, so we all remember them, we all loved them and we all just had to have them….in every colour of course!  Well now they’re back on the scene and you’ll never believe who’s sporting them.  Just check out their site www.gshock.com or www.baby-g.com to get the inside scoop. It’s pretty impressive and they’re only just getting started.

Musicians…pro surfers…Kanye West….Prince Harry of Wales…athletes…music producers…oh ya I could go on name dropping but I’ll let you guys see for your self. www.coolspotters.com 

This is just a taste of what’s in store now. So start making your Christmas lists, save your paychecks, sell your playstation (oh I kid), whatever you have to do, do it fast cause these are gonna be hard to keep in stock!



Have you heard of Happy Socks???? We have!


Have you heard of Happy Socks???  We have and that’s why we’ve decided to carry them at our store and we couldn’t be more, well, happy!

They’re on their way as I write this and should be out on the floor by next week. They come in all sorts of different colours and patterns and the best thing about them is that they’re UNISEX! So everyone gets to enjoy a pair of Happy Socks.